About Me

Jeremiah Ginn is a true quadruple threat, having distinguished himself as an actor, singer, dancer, and pianist. His passion for the arts started as a young piano prodigy… 

Wait. Can I call myself a prodigy?  That's probably too much.  That whole "quadruple threat" thing probably is too. 


Oh well, I'm sure no one noticed...



Jeremiah first got bit by the showbiz bug while singing "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" with some intricate mug choreography. It was in that moment that his love affair with the spotlight began.

"Love affair?"  Wow, that’s really laying it on thick.  And does anyone really care about the Christmas musical I did when I was ten years old?
Of course they do; it's a cute story.  I'm adorable.  Carry on.

This passion for the arts carried him through years of piano lessons, countless roles in local theater productions, and eventually a BFA in Musical Theatre.  Sprinkled into the mix was a two-year Mormon mission in Panama, a brief stint working for the post office, and the development of a healthy donut addiction.  


To this day, Jeremiah retains his deep love for the arts and the passion for storytelling, for diving into a character, for exploring truth through music and song.  His personal standard of excellence and the thrill he feels when he steps onstage have become the guiding light for his burgeoning career.

That was some good stuff right there.  #nailingit

To find out more about Jeremiah, feel free to explore the website.  Make sure to check out the Piano section, where you can learn more about him as a music director, accompanist, and audition coach.